Surfing in Taghazout

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Taghazout has 9 surf spots and 3 surf holidays. Go explore!

Overview of surfing in Taghazout

Located about halfway down the coast of Morocco, Taghazout is a fishing village that was first surf in the 1960’s and now holds legendary status among surfers. There is a headland just North that juts out into the Atlantic, funneling the massive NW swells onto the SW facing coastline creating a myriad of right hand points and set ups. Most of these spots break over a sand and rock bottom, and there really is something for everyone. From the big and fast walls of Anchor Point to the mellow waves at Banana’s, beginners-pros will be happy here. The town has been steadily increasing in tourism since the 80’s and 90’s, and now plays host to a bunch  of surf tourism infrastructure. That being said, it is still Morocco, and you will get plenty of the culture here.

The Good
Winters are amazing for swells and weather
Perfect right points
Something for everyone
Cheap food and accommodation
The Bad
Summers are not great for surfing
Line ups can get crowded
Some pollution issues after rain
Bigger swells will make paddling a chief priority
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Surf seasons and when to go

The best time of the year to surf in Taghazout


There are two very distinct times here. Winter will bring warm to hot day temperatures and cool nights. There will be a little bit of rainfall and usually Northeast (offshore). The summer are extremely hot, and the temperatures do not drop too much at night. There is little no rainfall during this time and winds straight from the North howl. If you’re going in winter a layer or two is perfect. Summer try and be as little clothed as possible at all times.


This time of year is the ideal time to surf. From October to February massive NW swells wrap around the headland and are groomed by the predominant winds. These swells light up all of the spots here. Bring at least a 3/2 for the cooler water temperatures.


This is perhaps an unsurfable time here. The winds turn very sideshore, and blow strongly almost 100% of the time. There are some rare occasions that small swell will get into the smaller breaks, but this time is very difficult to find waves here. Boardshorts or a springsuit will do you fine this time of year.

Annual surf conditions
Air and sea temperature in Taghazout

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