Surfing in Lombok

Surfing guide to Lombok,

Lombok has 1 main surf areas. There are 15 surf spots and 4 surf holidays. Go explore!

Overview of surfing in Lombok

Lombok is a much lesser known island than most in the Indonesian archipelago. Neighboring Bali, and just two islands over from Java, it is often overlooked by those whose research does not go as deep as others. Lombok is very similar to Bali in the fact that it holds many world class waves in a concentrated area. Most would argue that the waves on Lombok are better suited to beginners and intermediates than the difficult peaks of Bali. The varied bays lend themselves to sheltered spots.

Continuing the comparison, it is generally less built up and less crowded than Bali (although this probably doesn’t go for every lineup). Lombok can be your next surf adventure if you are willing to go off the beaten track and explore tropical paradise. Perfect waves, jungles, and mountains await you.

The Surf

Lombok’s coastline faces almost entirely South, exposing it to most of the swell that the Indian Ocean has to offer. It is littered with bays which create pockets of smaller surf and more manageable breaks for those learning or getting their toes wet in the world of Indonesian reef breaks. That being said there are also spots that will challenge even the most advanced surfers in the world. Desert Point, the famed left hander, is chief among these. Generally you’ll be surfing reefs and have the option of mellow or bigger spots, especially when the swell begins to fill in. Unlike Bali, there is a pretty equal distribution of lefts and rights.

Top Surf Spots


Mawi is a quintessential Indonesian surf break. This is an A frame reef that picks up every scrap of swell available. Up to a little overhead the right barrels and the left peels. Once it gets bigger the right begins to shut down while the left holds size very well, giving a big canvas to practice carves and snaps. This is a great option for both the wet and dry season as it is very consistent. Learn more here!


Ekas refers to both the town and bay that two surf spots are found in. The first is called “Inside Ekas” and is a great spot for beginner reef break surfers and intermediate surfers to practice surfing over reef and in more powerful waves. This is both a right and left that break long and put up many opportunities to hone carves and sometimes barrels! Outside Ekas is a more powerful reef break that tends to be steep and hollow on the right swell. This is a good spot for advanced surfers looking to rip into some Indonesian magic. Learn more here!

Desert Point

What can be said about Desert Point that hasn’t already been poured over? I could discuss the razor sharp and shallow reef, known for tearing flesh on a consistent basis. Or the crystal clear water that makes it feel as if you are flying as you pump down the line. Or the rabid crowds of barrel crazed surfers that descend when a good swell is hitting. But I would like to simply call this the best barreling left in Indonesia, and perhaps the best left in the world (Sorry Uluwatu and G Land). Pull up, get barreled, and count yourself lucky to have experienced this slice of paradise. Learn more here!

Accommodation Information

Lombok, although less popular than the tourist hotspot of Bali, will still offer a wide range of accommodation. There are definitely top level (and top priced) resorts and all inclusive surf packages available. These are ideal if you want to relax and leave the planning to everyone else once you land.

As you move down house and villa rentals are becoming more popular and are a good option for small groups that have their own transportation. Surf hostels are also widespread, which are a fantastic option for surfers traveling solo that want to meet fellow wave chasers.

The Good
Less crowded than other Indonesian destinations
Diversity of surf options
Still has a lot to explore, not Westernized to the same extent as Bali
The Bad
Can be remote
Limited facilities at some surf spots
Connectivity issues outside of towns
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4 Best Surf Resorts and Camps in Lombok

Getting there

Lombok is an island (shocker I know) that lies just East of Bali. The main coastline that we are interested in is the Southern coast as it is exposed fully to the Indian Ocean. The West and East coasts of the island are very sheltered and have tiny swell windows, check the charts but don’t expect to surf much there. The beauty of the surf scene in Lombok is the shape of the southern facing coast which is peppered with deep bays and inlets, similar to Java. This allows swell to hit and filter in at angles, creating those perfect Indonesian walls and reef passes that it is known for. Desert Point, the premier wave on the island, is on the far West side of the southern coast, and allows South swells to wrap and peel.

Access to Surf and Location

There is a central airport on the island, and most visitors will fly in here. From there a car rental would be ideal to explore the myriad of spots on the Southern coast. There is plenty of local transport available; scooters, taxis, and private drivers are all easy to come by and hire. Generally surf spots are accessible by car or boat. I highly recommend using a car to reach the nearest harbor to a spot if it is a boat only area and hiring on the spot. This is the quickest and easiest way to guarantee access to the lineup, and bargaining with a local will generally get you a lower price than a prepaid package.

Visa Information

Access into Indonesia is fairly straightforward. Most nationalities are able to get a 30 day tourist stay without a visa. There is also the option to get a visa upon arrival, which can be extended for up to 30 days beyond your initial time frame. One thing to ensure is that your passport is valid for 6 months past your entry date. See the official Indonesian government page for more details.

The 15 best Surf spots in Lombok

Overview of surfing spots in Lombok

Desert Point

Left | Exp Surfers
300m long

Belongas Bay

Peak | Exp Surfers
200m long

Inside/Outside Grupuk

Peak | Exp Surfers
200m long


Peak | Exp Surfers
50m long

Gili Air

Right | Exp Surfers
100m long

Inside Grupuk

Right | Exp Surfers
150m long


Peak | Exp Surfers
200m long


Peak | Exp Surfers
200m long

Surf spot overview

Lineup Lowdown

As evidenced by earlier sections, Lombok is less crowded Bali. This does lead to a better lineup vibe in general, although at certain spots this is thrown out the window. Of course, usual rules of etiquette apply, and always show respect to the locals, especially at out of the way reefs. At places like Desert Point you will get burned by locals and visitors alike, it is what it is.

Surf seasons and when to go

The best time of the year to surf in Lombok

Indonesia in general, and in particular Lombok, is governed by the dry and wet seasons. The dry season extends from May to September and the wet season from October to April. The dry season sees heavy swells from the Indian Ocean and the wind direction is generally favorable. The wet season sees lighter swell and the wind windows are low. Unsurprisingly there is also a lot more rainfall this time of year.

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Lombok surf travel guide

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Activities other than Surf

While Lombok is renowned for its surfing, the island offers a plethora of activities to captivate the adventurer within. Those keen on trekking should not miss an expedition up Mount Rinjani, Indonesia’s second-highest volcano, which promises panoramic views of the island and its sparkling crater lake, Segara Anak. For those looking to immerse themselves in nature, the cascading waterfalls of Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile nestled in the northern jungles offer a refreshing reprieve from the coastal heat.

They’re not only a sight to behold but also a perfect spot for a cool dip. Cultural aficionados can take a journey through time by visiting the traditional Sasak villages. Here, one can witness the weaving of intricate textiles and gain insights into the indigenous ways of life. Finally, for a change of scenery, consider island hopping to the nearby Gili Islands. With their turquoise waters and vibrant marine life, they’re a diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise.


Lombok’s linguistic tapestry is rich and varied. The primary language spoken by locals is Sasak, reflective of the island’s indigenous community. However, Indonesian is widely spoken and understood, serving as a bridge between the diverse ethnic groups residing in the archipelago. For tourists, there’s no need for apprehension. English is commonly spoken, especially in tourist-heavy areas. However, picking up a few basic phrases in Sasak or Indonesian can enhance the travel experience and bring a smile to the locals’ faces.


When it comes to finances, travelers will deal with the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). One of the joys of Lombok, especially for those accustomed to the prices in Bali, is that it generally offers a more affordable travel experience. Whether you’re indulging in local cuisine or shopping for handcrafted souvenirs, your money tends to stretch further here. However, a crucial tip for visitors is to always carry cash, especially when venturing to the more remote areas of the island, as ATMs might be sparse and not all places accept credit cards.

Cell Coverage/Wifi

Staying connected in Lombok is generally straightforward. Populated regions like Kuta and Senggigi boast good cell coverage, ensuring you can share your adventures in real-time. Moreover, many accommodations, from budget homestays to luxury resorts, offer free Wi-Fi to their guests. For those planning an extended stay or wanting more robust connectivity, purchasing a local SIM card from providers like Telkomsel or XL can be a practical choice. It offers not only better rates but also generally reliable internet access, even in some of the island’s more secluded spots.

Get Moving!

In the vast archipelago of Indonesia, Lombok stands out as a gem waiting to be explored. Beyond its world-class waves, the island beckons with its lush landscapes, rich cultural tapestry, and the genuine warmth of its people. It offers an authentic Indonesian experience, away from the hustle and bustle of its more frequented neighbors.

Whether you’re a surfer seeking new horizons, an adventurer thirsting for untrodden paths, or a traveler yearning for a blend of relaxation and discovery, Lombok promises a journey you won’t soon forget.

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