Surfing in Sydney Northern Beaches

Surfing guide to Sydney Northern Beaches, ,
Sydney Northern Beaches has 1 main surf areas. There are 19 surf spots and 3 surf holidays. Go explore!

Overview of surfing in Sydney Northern Beaches

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Surf seasons and when to go

The best time of the year to surf in Sydney Northern Beaches
Annual surf conditions
Air and sea temperature in Sydney Northern Beaches

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Sydney Northern Beaches surf travel guide

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There are two common ways of travelling in Australia: by car or by plane. The train can be an option, but not all states have a public rail network. Greyhound Australia provides a nation-wide (except Tasmania) interstate bus service. And there is a car ferry that departs from Melbourne and goes to Devonport in Tasmania.

Travelling by car is a great option as well, especially to those who want to see and feel the country from the inside. Australia has a well-maintained system of roads and highways and drives ‘on the left’. Keep in mind that great distances separate its cities and after leaving one of them, you can sometimes expect to travel for hours before finding the next trace of civilisation. So it’s a good idea to hire a satellite phone in case of emergency. The shortest distance would be from Sydney to Canberra – just 3-3.5 hours (~300 km). But it is a truly magnificent experience to hire a car and travel around the coast of Australia (check the Great Ocean Road), which you won’t forget.

Where to stay

Your final decision really depends on your preferences and budget. If you like camping, there are a lot of those in every state of Australia. There are a variety of hotels and properties available for short term rent on a variety of platforms. Take a look at our variety of listings on the holiday search page.

There are nice caravan parks (van/trailer parks) with on-site cabins in WA, as well as in most states (usually you will see the signs if you drive on the highway). Prices range from AUS$25.00 to AUS$50.00. They are very comfortable and have cooking facilities and a refrigerator. The extra price will provide you with some more comfort.
Cable Beach Backpackers is another nice place in WA with clean and spacious rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, just a few minutes walk from Cable Beach in Broome.

And of course, there are all the luxurious hotels, where you can enjoy the best service. But basically, for all the states the rule would be the same – there are numerous motels, hostels, caravan parks and camping sites near the surf spots, so you’ll definitely find something.

What to pack

Everything can be bought in NSW. So pack light and take only important things, such as sunglasses, a hat and a good sunscreen. You will be comfortable in flip-flops, but also take a pair of comfortable walking shoes. A small backpack makes a good carryon bag and will be useful in daily life.

Loose casual clothing will be perfect for hot/warm weather. Just in case of the rain, take some waterproof stuff and some warm clothes.

You can also take your surf gear with you, but no worries if for some reason you are not able to – there are numerous surf shops around the state.

Definitely don’t forget your camera!

New South Wales facts

New South Wales is one of the states in Australia, that is located on the south-eastern coast of the country between Victoria and Queensland. The total area of the state is 809,444 km². The largest city and capital is Sydney.

Known in Australia as the Premier State, the Colony of Ne South Wales was formed in the late 1700’s and at one stage incorporated the majority of Australia and New Zealand. Make sure you remind as many New Zealanders as possible that they were once part of New South Wales – they love that kind of stuff.

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