Surfing in Ventura County

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Ventura County has 2 main surf areas. There are 15 surf spots . Go explore!

Overview of surfing in Ventura County

Ventura County is a bit of a standout when compared to other Southern California counties. For one, if you ask most surfers there they will say that they are from Central California. The culture here can be seen as a rejection of the commercialization of surf society in the LA area. Black wetsuits, white boards, and gruff conversation is the way here. Part of this can be attributed to the working class nature of the county. It’s largest city, Oxnard, is an old agricultural community that maintains it’s blue collar roots. There is great variety in waves here and the county is usually the biggest South of Point Conception during the summer months. Long soft points, heaving beach breaks, and quality reefs are all available along this coast. There are many underground rippers here, Dane Reynolds is a local as well. Don’t tread on toes here, be polite and respectful.


The Good
Lots of quality surf (points and powerful beaches mostly)
Great weather
Lots of flat day activities
The Bad
Crowded at times
Driving is a necessity
Competition (weak localism) in the water
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Surf seasons and when to go

The best time of the year to surf in Ventura County


Ventura County holds a temperate climate year round. Cool mornings with fog blend into sunny afternoons with slight to heavy winds. The weather does not vary much year round, although it is cooler and wetter in the winter. Santa Ana winds are still the norm in fall and winter leading to lovely offshore days. Layers in the morning and evenings, less in the afternoons.


This is the best time to surf in Ventura. The quality points really start working well this time of year, and the beach breaks can be absolutely firing. Offshore breezes are common in the mornings and onshore winds will hold off until early afternoon. A 4/3 will suit you fine here this time of year.


This time of year is very rough for surfers. Winds in this area are some of the worst on the coast during the summers. There are a couple spots to surf when the south swells arrive, but there are usually very short windows when it is good.A 3/2 or 4/3 is good this time of year. Early mornings are definitely the best call for the least amount of winds.

Annual surf conditions

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Ventura County surf travel guide

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Ventura County is not as glamorous as Santa Barbara to the North or LA to the South. The hotels and motels here are a bit less expensive, and also of slightly lower quality, although there are some excellent options. There is less camping than in other areas, but still some public and private campgrounds right on the water.

Other Activities

Ventura County is home to some wonderful state parks right on the beaches, but also up inland in the hills. Get some hiking boots and enjoy some wonderful views. The wine scene from Santa Barbara also extends to Ventura. The wineries here boast some amazing sights during tastings. The harbor and pier areas in Oxnard are also wonderful as well as not as crowded as the famous piers further South.

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