Surfing in North LA County

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North LA County has 8 surf spots . Go explore!

Overview of surfing in North LA County

Welcome to Northern LA County, coastal homes of those who have the money to afford them pepper this stretch of land full of beautiful, scenic views and excellent waves. This area starts at the northern edge of the county and leads all the way to the edge of Santa Monica. The Northern parts of this county have changed a lot over the years, from the laid back and mostly empty beach culture to high priced neighborhoods and crowded lineups. One thing hasn’t changed: the amazing waves, especially Malibu. Come to this stretch of coast for picturesque, high end downtowns spaced out between great state parks and beautiful, pristine beaches.

The Good
Amazing surf, Malibu!
Great weather
The definition of scenic
The Bad
High prices everywhere
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Surf seasons and when to go

The best time of the year to surf in North LA County


There is little variety in the weather here. Summers are hot and dry with temps usually high but also cooled by the ocean breeze. “Winters” here are colder but not by much, the fog is more common and therefore mornings stay a bit cooler. T shirt and flip flops will be fine in the summer, bring a couple layers for winter but you won’t need much. Water temps vary, but a 3/2 will be fine year round, but a springsuit is really all you need in the summer.


This season is best for surfing larger swells with better winds, however the points here are usually sheltered from these swells. However the beach breaks really like this time of year and the offshore winds usually cooperate, especially in the mornings. . Bring a sweatshirt or two and you’ll be fine.


Summer is hot and dry with slightly worse winds that pick up earlier. This time of year smaller swells filter in and fill in the points here. This and Fall are the best times to experience this coast. Malibu loves this time of year, but so do the crowds. Onshores will pick up earlier than winter. T shirts and shorts are the play this time of year.

Annual surf conditions
Air and sea temperature in North LA County

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North LA County surf travel guide

Find trips that fit a flexible lifestyle


There is a wide range of options here, but none are cheap. Vacation villas and resorts are common on this coast. Hotels and motels are also readily available. There is camping in some of the state parks around, but make sure to reserve far out in advance. Go a little inland for some cheaper options, but be ready for a drive.

Other Activities

The towns here, specifically Malibu, provide some excellent areas for shopping, relaxation, dining, and most else you can think of. Wonderful family fun is easy to find around here, but don’t expect the same glitz and speed as the piers of the city. The parks offer fantastic hikes that are famous for their views of the Pacific. Make sure not to miss a sunset while here, they are usually spectacular.

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