Everyone loves a good surfer line whether it be from your favourite surf movie or something you heard at the beach recently. Below is our list of the best surfer lines of all time. Feel free to reuse wherever you see fit. Hopefully you’re as rad as Keanu in Point Break

Surfer lines and best surfing quotes

“Ah man its got a bit of morning sickness on it this morning” – The surf’s looking a bit funky and needs time for it to clean up

“You’re dragging your foot your gonna be fish food!” – Point Break

“Bro, it’s pumping out there!” – The surf is very good – get out there

“That guy was getting pitted so hard!” – That guys was in a massive tube

“Only a surfer knows the feeling”

“Man, I’m stoked for ya!” – Mate, I’m really happy for you

“Dude I’m so stoked on that surf it was epic!” – Mate, I’m so happy about that surf I just had it was really good!

“Dude its gnarly out there today!” – Mate, it’s very dangerous in the surf today

“Hey buddy, what’s up?” – Hi mate, what are you doing?

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